Shower & Tub Overflow

Shower & Tub Overflow Cleanup

Water overflow from a shower or tub may be due to a clogged water pipe or some internal leak. The overflowing water can damage your property and the situation worsens once the excess water manages to escape beyond the washroom. Immediate attention is required to stop the water from overflowing and causing excessive damage. 

Builder Services of NC is highly equipped to help you in a shower or tub overflow situation. We are the leading water damage restoration company in North Carolina. We are the experts when it comes to plumbing issues like shower overflow. We have experienced personnel and modern tools to help you recover from excessive water damage. 

We proudly serve business owners in BahamaFranklinton, Durham, and dozens of other North Carolina cities within our service areaWe are available on a 24/7/365 basis to help our customers in need with shower & tub overflow cleanup, shower & tub clogs, and much more! Plumbing incidents usually come without warning. When they do, our certified plumbers have got you covered! Call us now at 919-750-0803 for immediate assistance regarding any plumbing issues.

Mold Problems from Excess Water Overflow

In some cases, standing water can lead to mold growth which is very troublesome. Mold can not only look unsightly and cause musty odors inside your office, but it can also cause structural damage.

Some types of mold trigger respiratory ailments and other diseases in humans. However, we have the required resources to perform effective mold removal procedures to ensure the health of your workers and your workplace. When you spot mold at your office, be sure to contact the experts from Builder Services of NC.

Why Choose Builder Services of NC

Shower & Tub Overflow Repair Service
There are many reasons to choose Builder Services of NC for your water damage restoration job. When you have found yours, give us a call at 919-750-0803.
  • Authorized Water Damage Restoration Company
  • 24/7 Dedicated Service
  • Highly-Trained Restoration Team
  • Serving on a 24/7/365 Basis
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment
  • ANSI/IICRC S500-Standard
  • Rated A+ by BBB
  • Affordable & Cost-Effective Prices

Let Builder Services of NC Solve Your Shower & Tub Overflow in Raleigh

Builder Services of NC is available 24/7 for immediate assistance regarding plumbing issues like shower & tub overflow, toilet overflow, or sink overflow problems. Recover from all types of water damages related to shower & tub overflow with the help of our professional plumbers in RaleighChapel Hill, Carrboro, Bahama, and other NC cities that we serve. Get your overflowing shower or tub fixed ASAP by the professionals. Call Builder Services of NC today at 919-750-0803 or contact us online.