Appliance Leak Tips

Small appliance leaks may cause considerable water damage if unnoticed. Constant water leaks and drips may cause internal flooding and damage the surrounding, with a great chance of hidden mold damage. Builder Services of NC recommends these appliance leak prevention tips to avoid hectic water leaks and damage. 

Tips to Prevent Garbage Disposal Overflow & Leak

Do Not Dump Hard Waste Into the Disposal Unit

Avoid putting hard waste into the garbage grinder. If you toss hard stuff like shellfish parts, sturdy bones, and corn kernels into the grinder, it might damage the appliance itself.

Avoid Starchy & Fibrous Food Waste

Fibrous foods & starchy ones can clog the drains when fibers twist around the mouth while the starch gets harder. If you want to dispose of such materials, cut them into smaller pieces. Also, do not put eggshells in the grinder unit as it can block the plumbing. 

Perform Regular Cleanups

Turn the grinder and wipe out the inside of the rubber lying in the middle of the sink with a paper towel. If you forget to clean this component, it releases an unhealthy smell. Once you flush the waste, Occasionally toss in some ice to remove any food residue on the shredder’s blade. This precaution allows the edge to grind waste correctly.


  • Avoid Dumping Hard Waste Into the Grinder
  • Cut Large Pieces Into Smaller Ones Before Tossing them in the Grinder
  • Avoid Fibrous & Starchy Waste
  • Flush With Cold Water After the Waste Leaves the Unit
  • Perform Regular Cleanups 
  • Occasionally, Use Ice to Free up Food Residue from the Blades

Tips to Prevent Washing Machine Overflow & Leak

Do Not Overload the Washing Machine

Distribute clothes evenly and loosely inside the machine and avoid overloading it as it may result in overflows. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how full your washer should be. 

Replace Supply Lines Every 5 Years

Daily usage of washing machines can cause the supply lines to wear out and form leaks. Avoid internal & external leaks by replacing the supply lines every 5 years or so. 

Install a Water Leak Detector

A water leak detector near your washing machine could give you instant alerts when a water valve or hose is overflowing or leaking. Some of these devices also prevent flooding by cutting off water supplies when a water leak is detected. 


  • Regularly Check Water Supply Hoses
  • Turn Off the Water Supply When the Washing Machine Is Sitting Idle
  • Inspect the Drain Hoses for Wear, & Tears
  • Keep an Eye Out for Blistered Hoses & Loose Fittings 

Tips to Prevent Dishwasher Overflow & Leaks

Perform Regular Checkups

Every few months, remove the kick plate at the bottom of the dishwasher while the unit is on. Take a look underneath and look for any visible dampness or water dripping. If you see signs of water dripping you may have a leaking tub, bad pump seals, a defective solenoid valve, or a loose hose connection.


  • Avoid overloading the dishwasher even though it might be tempting to slide another plate inside. This could interrupt the cleaning pattern, and might also leave some dishes uncleaned. 
  • Place the dishes properly, in an orderly fashion inside the washer.
  • Check the gasket (the rubber strip on the door) for any signs of damage such as corrosion or cracks, replace if damaged.
  • Inspect the spray arm, and make sure it isn’t stuck or clogged with food particles. Also, check that it doesn’t become warped or cracked. 
  • If water is dripping from the bottom of the dishwasher, contact the local professionals.

Leaky Appliance Repair, Overflow Cleanup & Water Damage Restoration in North Carolina

Builder Services of NC offers water damage restoration for a range of leaky appliances. Our IICRC-certified technicians & restoration team provide water extraction, structural drying, and reliable water damage restoration. We are available 24/7 and serving in Chapel Hill, Franklinton, Graham, Timberlake, Raleigh, and more across North Carolina.

Solutions for Leaky Appliance from Builder Services


Small prevention methods are the best medicine to avoid overflowing problems and repair costs. However, when such problems do arise, contact Builder Services of NC for a fully effective leak inspection and repair along with water damage restoration. Do not let appliance leakage bring the worst for you, call us now at 919-750-0803 or contact us online.