A/C Unit Drain Overflow

Generally, A/C units have a drainage system in place to move the condensation collected away from the main unit. However, blockages in the drain or the evaporator coil can cause water to back up the drain pan and overflow. 

Builder Services of NC is capable of effectively fixing the problem and taking care of any secondary water damage. We are the most trusted water damage restoration company in North Carolina and we have been serving the local businesses and commercial property owners for more than a decade. Our IICRC-certified restoration team is equipped with advanced equipment to provide you with reliable fixes and recovery from water damage produced by leaky appliances

Why Choose Builder Services of NC?

We here at, Builder Services of NC, start by thoroughly inspecting your A/C drain pan and looking for issues. We then utilize our modern tools and hard-earned expertise to solve your problem. We have been rated A-star by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in recognition of our quality service all over North Carolina. 

Benefits of Choosing Builder Services

  • IICRC-Certified Technicians
  • Licensed Restoration Crew in NC
  • Modern Tools & Equipment
  • ANSI/IICRC S500-Standard
  • Rated A+ by BBB
  • Experienced Damage Restoration
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Professional Restoration Crew

Rely on Builder Services of NC for A/C Overflow, Leak & Water Damage Repair

Noticing excessive water drip from your A/C Unit? Your drain pan might be overflowing or something else is surely going on. Contact the professionals for a detailed inspection to find out the core issue and fix the problem. 

Give us a call at 919-750-0803 to effectively take care of the water damage. We are serving 24/7 in Burlington, Manson, Graham, Louisburg, and more across North Carolina.

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