The Nakoneczny Family

For more than 20 years my husband and I have insured our homes and cars with Nationwide. Builder Services Inc of NC, a blue ribbon contractor recommended by the adjuster who visited after a recent tornado hit our home, has made those dollars the best we’ve ever spent.

This was our first-ever Homeowners claim so we nervously anticipated months of red-tape, haggling with contractors, and high drama before our home would be restored to normalcy. Instead we received personalized attention, with professional care and services that exceeded our wildest expectations. Within just one month of the tornado our home and property were completely restored! Our family is moving forward once again while our neighbors are still waiting for basic repairs and asking how we got things done.

No letter can properly express our gratitude and thanks for the blue-ribbon service program and more specifically, Builder Services. However, because of their performance we won’t be considering other insurance options for quite some time. With partners like Builder Services, Inc, Nationwide will continue to be our first choice for insurance needs. Thanks for a great experience.

The Nakoneczny Family

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