Job Completion Survey Of Builder Services of North Carolina

  • Reviewed By: Katherine M.
  • Location: Cary, NC
  • How satisfied were you with our timeliness in keeping scheduled appointments?
  • How satisfied were you with our timeliness in completing the work?
  • How satisfied were you with the professionalism of our work crews?
  • How satisfied were you with the quality of work we completed?
  • How satisfied were you with our overall customer service?
  • How likely are you to use Builder Services, Inc of NC again?
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  • Comment: July 1, 2020 To Whom it may Concern, I wanted to take a moment and share our recent experience with Builder Services. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the excellent service we received with Builder Services. Although my personal interaction with administration was minimal in comparison to our time spent working with our project manager, Rickey McBroom, anyone I was in communication with was wonderful. I know there is a lot of work involved behind the scenes acting as the liaison with the insurance company, project manager, contractors, homeowners, etc., and I appreciate each team member for their services. Our project manager, Rickey McBroom is stellar in his profession, provides unparalleled customer service and genuinely cares about the homeowner he is working with. Rickey went above and beyond in countless ways during a very difficult time in our lives and I will forever be grateful. On March 8, within 9 months of moving into our new home, our next door neighbors home caught fire. I would be lying if I said the timing was anything other than terrible. My father’s terminal illness had brought him to the final few months of his life, and we were in the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fire alone was a traumatic experience with 5 fire station units arriving at 1:30 am and the last one leaving close to 6:00 am. Although we are grateful that everyone got out of their homes safely without injuries, and we were able to return to our home, I had no idea how significant the aftermath and damage would be. The thought of what the repair process would entail was daunting. Spending time with and caring for my Dad was my priority and I knew I could not manage something of this magnitude. Rickey was more than our project manager, responsible for everything entailed with ensuring our home repairs were both done properly and in a timely fashion . . . Rickey was a lifeline. I learned several things about Rickey during his first visit at our home. The first thing I learned he is incredibly patient. Before officially beginning repairs, he did a final review of all paperwork, timeline, and thoroughly walked our property with us to ensure nothing was missed on the work order. My mind was already in overload, therefore needing repetition on pretty much everything from beginning to end. With each apology, my question “Would you please explain that again for me?” followed. Rickey’s response, (always with a smile) was “No worries at all, I will go over it with you as many times as you need me to”. I learned that Rickey is a man of integrity. He meant what he said and said what he meant. It was of utmost importance to him that he spoke wisely, not to overpromise and underdeliver during this process. He was always honest with us, even though the truth may not have been what I wanted to hear. He is a man to be trusted. So much so that we asked Rickey to take care of work inside our home while we were out of town at my parents. I learned Rickey pays great attention to detail. Rickey stopped by our home at a minimum once a day. Sometimes both in the morning and at the end of day. If something was not done to his satisfaction, he had it redone. There was never a time that I had to bring something to his attention. He was always several steps ahead. I learned communication is very important to Rickey. He consistently kept us informed of what was going on. Whether it was a delivery at our home, a dumpster being removed, which contractors would be at our home, what they would be repairing and what time they would arrive. If anything changed, he would notify us. Given we were at my parents often, I greatly appreciated his efforts in keeping us informed. I learned Rickey goes above and beyond what is necessary and has an amazing work ethic. Nothing was ever too much for him. He brought things to our attention that we were not aware of. I’ll give just a few examples. He voluntarily picked up a paint book for me at SW when time to paint our home. He met Jeff and I at Lowes to help with shutter replacement, while waiting patiently for me to make decisions. He moved potted plants and/or patio furniture out of the way for contractors. Those little things alone were huge to me. Rickey did so much more, and he did it all with a smile and joyful heart. I learned that Rickey is one of the kindest persons I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. To have a man of his caliber be a part of our lives, playing a very significant role during an extremely difficult season in our lives is nothing short of God’s blessing. Rickey does not just do excellent work. He touches lives, bringing light and joy, making a positive impact on every person he meets. I have a very grateful heart for Rickey and Builder Services. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my lengthy e-mail. Warmest Regards,
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