Frozen Pipe Prevention

Frozen Pipe Prevention in Raleigh, Durham & Cary, NC

With dropping temperatures, the risk of pipes freezing increases significantly. The pipes may freeze along with the water in them and as the water expands it may cause the pipe to burst, leading to indoor floods and severe water damage. Preventing frozen pipes before they burst can save you a lot on costly repair bills.

You need to insulate all exterior pipes leading in and out of your house to make sure none of them fall weak to the chill of winter. Researchers say the problem mainly starts once the temperature gets below 20℉ and gets harsher as it continues to drop. You should insulate pipes that run into the attic, basement, garage, and even the exterior ones. 

Thaw Frozen Pipes with Builder Services of NC in Henderson & Cary

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Builder Services of NC has been a consistent leader in water damage restoration across North Carolina for more than a decade. We provide expert solutions to commercial & residential property owners in order to recover from unforeseen disasters and incidents. 

When you notice a pipe leak or burst, contact us immediately. We are the specialists when it comes to burst & frozen pipe repair. Additionally, we also help in thawing frozen pipes and preventing pipes from freezing in the harsh winter seasons. Our IICRC-certified restoration team is an expert at tackling frozen pipe problems. We are available in Henderson, Morrisville, Durham, Cary, and more nearby areas in North Carolina.

Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing or Bursting

There are simple ways to prevent pipes from freezing that include using a heater for a long period of time and keeping tap water running. These methods might seem expensive but are relatively cheaper than costly repair bills that come from water damages once a pipe bursts. Here are a few other things you could do to prevent freezing:

  • Keep kitchen & bathroom cabinet doors open - to allow warm air to circulate the space
  • Seal the entire house - keep all the doors and windows closed to allow no chance of cold air entering the house
  • Keep a constant temperature on the thermostat - set the room temperature to be warm throughout the day and night
  • Keep the faucet open - keeping a little water running constantly helps prevent frosts from forming in the pipelines

Contact Builder Services of NC to Prevent Frozen Pipe Bursts

Frozen Pipe

Despite your preparations to face the winter season, the situation may get worse than you expect. Severely cold climates can end up freezing your pipes. However, it is better to be responsible and take action before the pipes burst rather than having a pool of water flooding your house. If you notice a frozen pipe but cannot thaw or reach it, contact us to have your problem go away. Or, if you see a pipe about to burst, call us immediately at 919-750-0803. We are ready 24/7/365 to help when emergencies arise. 

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