Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair in Raleigh & Durham, NC

When water damage occurs in your home, fast action is essential. Whether the flooding is from severe weather, a leaking roof, or a burst pipe, the water damage repair specialists at Builder Services Inc of NC work quickly to remove water, dehumidify, dry and restore your home to its original condition.

Our experienced water-damage repair professionals understand that with a flooded home, time is of the essence. Not only can water damage cause mold growth in the home, but can also compromise the structural integrity of the building if left untreated. The water damage repair team at Builder Services Inc of NC is available 24/7 to provide prompt and thorough restoration to water-damaged homes in Wake, Durham, Granville, Franklin, and Vance counties.

We also handle residential restoration and residential remodeling jobs for local homeowners. When the unthinkable happens, think Builder Services Inc of NC.

Flood Damage Repair & Extraction

A flooded home can avoid a significant amount of water damage if the standing water is removed right away. That is why our certified team at Builder Services Inc of NC is available 24/7/365 to ensure that the water is not only extracted, but all areas are dried, sanitized, deodorized, and restored to their original condition.

Don’t trust flood water extraction with just any company. If done improperly, residual water in the drywall, carpet, or ceiling will become a breeding ground for mold and toxins, damaging the structure of the building and jeopardizing the health of residents.

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The water damage repair team at Builder Services Inc of NC will fix any major leaks in the pipes, basement or ceiling, as well as detect unseen sources of excess moisture to ensure that your home is restored, healthy, and dry. Our proven professionals at Builder Services Inc of NC can help you with:

  • Water Extraction
  • Leak Detection
  • Emergency Plumbing Services
  • Dehumidifying Damaged Rooms
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Mold Remediation
  • Property Restoration

Trust Builder Services Inc of NC with Your Water Damage Repairs

When you experience water damage at your North Carolina home, our certified technicians from Builder Services Inc of NC will have your property dried, deodorized and dehumidified in no time. We'll get your property back to its original condition ASAP. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 919-373-6161.


Recent Water Mitigation Jobs

Drying Floors

Ice maker failed and caused damage to Kitchen floors and down stairs.
Builder Services removed hardwood floor that was affected for the ability to dry properly. We then Sprayed with micro-ban and set equipment to dry the home. We monitored drying process until home was fully dried.

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Thank you Builder Services for the great job on my commercial restoration job! Builder Services did a great job repairing my commercial building. Builder Services was knowledgeable, professional and courteous. They were great in stepping me through the process and getting me through a stressful situation. I would highly recommend builder Services for any commercial or residential restoration job!

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Ceiling repair

Homeowner called us with a a hot water leak from hot water heater in the attic causing damage to Attic, 2nd Floor- bedroom ceiling, floor, Hallway, and 1st floor kitchen ceiling and door way. Our Mitigation team went in removed all un-salvageable drywall and set up equipment to dry home properly which took about 3 days. Our build back team went in replaced damaged carpet, repaired and replaced damage drywall and painted. We also replaced the insulation that was wet and replaced and painted baseboards.

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Completed Ceiling repairs

Customer came home and noticed drips coming from the ceiling in the living room. We preformed emergency mitigation on the home. We removed insulation and damaged plywood from attic area and removed damaged ceiling below in living room. Then set fans and dehumidifiers in attic and living room to dry structure. Once home was dry we Installed new insulation and plywood in attic. We then repaired all sheet rock affected and painted living room.

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Bathroom Repairs

Customer had pipe leak in upstairs bathroom causing damage to bathroom shower tiles and living room ceiling. Once plumbing issue was fixed we went in and replaced the porcelain tile in the bathroom and painted. We also did drywall repairs and painted the living room ceiling.

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Completed Tile flooring

Customer had a leak from Master bathroom toilet on 2nd floor which caused damage to bathroom and and 1st floor ceiling. Our mitigation team went out pulled up affected tile from bathroom and affected ceiling from 1st floor. We set up equipment to dry home. Once dry our Repair team went out and repaired the ceiling, laid down new tile and painted affected rooms.

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column and wall repair

Customer had a pipe Burst in the walls causing water damage to the ceiling, light fixtures, carpet and contents in the living room and sitting room. Our Mitigation Team went in and removed damaged drywall, baseboards and flooring. Then set equipment to dry home properly. Build back team went in and replaced carpet and carpet padding. We repaired drywall, painted and replaced baseboards. We also replaced the damaged light fixtures and the ceiling fan.

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2nd Story Bathroom shower leaked where valve was not tightened properly. Water leaked through walls, flooring, and ceiling on the first floor. Our Mitigation team went in and demoed drywall that was un-salvageable in walls of the bathroom, Ceiling in the playroom below, and insulation. Then we set up dehumidifiers and fans to Dry affected areas. Once dry our structure team replaced drywall that was demoed and painted in bathroom and ceiling of playroom. We also replaced Flooring that was damaged.

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New flooring in Kitchen

Homeowners Refrigerator ice maker leaked water on to floor damaging wood and damaging the ceiling in basement. Our Mitigation team went in and pulled up baseboards, Shoe mold and hardwood floors. We set equipment in kitchen and basement bathroom to dry home properly. Once dry our build back team went in and installed the new floors. We replaced all baseboards and shoe molds.

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New roof

Policy holder had leak in roof in multiple spots causing damage in bathroom and closet. Our mitigation team went out and put a tarp on the roof. We did an abatement to clean out the asbestos and set equipment to finish drying the home. Once home was dry we replaced the roof. We then repaired bathroom and closet by replacing the flooring, vanity and baseboards. We also painted and fixed damaged Drywall.

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Completed Flooring

Once the corroded connection to the washer was fixed and laundry room dried. We replaced the damaged flooring and drywall. We then painted and replaced the baseboards.

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